Tanya Kan
Game Media

Specialties: Game Media, Narrative Design, Interactive Media

Current and next-generation new media offer unique interactive experiences, narrative engagements and experimentation. My goal is to explore this at the intersection of leisure, art, and education. My design principles are also motivated by the desire to examine current societal concerns and narratives and reflect them through interactive media.

I am experienced with the technical and organizational aspects of game development, from ideation to concept (pre-production), to asset management, 3D modelling and in-engine production pipeline (production). I also have an academic background in political theory, aesthetic theory and cinema studies, which encourages a sensibility and direction to my independent practice.

I enjoy giving back to the community whenever I can. I have delivered seminars and workshops on topics ranging from technical how-tos of 3D game art, production pipelines, to game, film and aesthetic theory.