Science Everywhere

Science Everywhere is an adult entertainment company (we know how that sounds, not that kind of entertainment). We’re a bunch of friends with a knack for doing fun, weird science. So, we decided to make a career of it. We develop and deliver live science experiences for television, cultural institutions, social media, the streets of Toronto and anywhere else we feel like. Our work focuses on science in everyday life, not in a lab. We prove that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can and already does make Science Everywhere. It don’t have to be expensive, complicated or boring. All you have to do is ask a question. And surprise, we’re not for kids. Seriously, they cant consent to electrocution, being set on fire, and other fun stuff.

Our live events include interactive stage shows and pop-up science experiences. Our hosts are experts in public engagement, we know how to get the public to get off the sidelines and participate. We also design and construct all kinds of awesome custom short term and long term installations for clients. We’re active daily on social media, sharing what we’re up to online and chatting with fans. Our bi-weekly blog covers big questions in a hilarious way, for example “What’s Going to Happen to Anthony Now That He’s Famous?” And after working with television networks like CityTV, Discovery Canada, Vice, CBC and more, we are moving forward with our own Science Everywhere TV show pitch. We’re looking forward to a busy future, hiring more people, and building a culture that truly appreciates science. Stay tuned!