Train your brain, sharpen your memory, and enhance your attention span: all by using an app from the comfort of your couch!

MEMORIDE is an app created by xSensa Labs that reverses the effects of aging on the brain. Unlike other “brain-training” programs, MEMORIDE allows you to directly access the power of your brainwaves, using a brain sensor incorporated into a lightweight headset. Like a heart-rate monitor, this sensor measures brain activity in real time, allowing users to precisely train the brain network that controls problem-solving, memory, and focus, the areas that research has shown weaken with age. Only a few minutes of training a day can create measurable and lasting improvement.

The app puts you in the role of a collector of artifacts, travelling the world by bicycle and gathering new pieces for your museum. Memoride’s algorithm translates your brain’s activity into the movement of your bike– but only when you’re able to focus your brainwaves into the correct state. The better you can activate your frontal executive network, the faster the bike will go and the more quickly you can collect artifacts for your museum, building your collection and earning you more visitors. On the way you can enjoy the virtual ride through the beautiful, scenic sights of the South of France, Bangkok, and the Australian coast, and learn about the artifacts you’re gathering and the stories of the cultures and places they come from.

MEMORIDE’s unique training experience is designed to keep you engaged in the long-term so you can benefit from significant cognitive maintenance and enhancement. Your brain will thank you!

Team Memoride @xSensa Labs