Sensaride is a game that will build up your brain for higher cognitive functions such as memory, attention and processing speed. Your mission is to explore and fill your Sensorium with trophies. As you embark on a series of sensarides, travel quests powered by your brain, you collect relics and unlock secret Sensorium codes along the way.

Sensaride measures your brain’s electrical activity and you travel between destinations by activating your frontal network . The more you play, the better your brain: repeated activation promotes rapid neuroplastic changes and long-term strengthening characteristic of a younger and sharper brain.

Developed by xSensa Labs, the prototype app is currently being scientifically validated at York University.

Concept art, visual assets and game mechanics are being developed in collaboration between xSensa Labs and  George Brown College, Faculty of Game Art /Game Design.

Team Sensaride: @xSensa Labs