Contraverse is an end-to-end virtual reality production and distribution company working to fill the gap of narrative VR content. Narrative storytelling through film is an artform that is appreciated worldwide. However, narrative storytelling in VR is a niche that is vastly underserved and has huge demand. We always wondered what it would be like to “jump through the screen” and inhabit the stories we see on screen, so we started Contraverse purely to explore the potential of experiential narratives. We believe that virtual reality is finally at a point where we can reimagine what a “film” is and what it is like to experience stories.

At Contraverse we aim to take viewers into the story and experience our worlds from the point of view of the characters themselves. In our productions, you don’t just “view” the VR story as a fly on the wall, but you actually become part of it.

This project started as a thesis project at RTA Media Production program at Ryerson University, however our passion has pushed us to continue Contraverse as a full-time production company and we have spent the better part of the past year producing three VR vignettes.

While we understand it is still early in the days of VR, we aim to make an impact in the way VR is produced and experienced, and to create new processes and techniques for how these are created.