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The Children’s Media Lab supports students, graduates and members of the children’s content creation industry in shaping the future of children’s content. Our overall mission is to bridge the gap between academia/research and the kids content industry so that the best and most relevant content for kids can be created.

1/ Mentoring: The leaders of the Children’s Media Lab provide one-on-one mentorship to select Transmedia Zone members as they develop and incubate innovative projects related to children’s content  across a range of platforms including traditional media and advanced technologies such as virtual/augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Projects are selected from Ryerson students, graduates, and people working in or wanting to get into the kids media industry.

2/ Think tank nights:The Children’s Media Lab hosts a minimum of two nights annually that blend academia, industry and students in a lively, informal discussion of relevant and forward-thinking topics in Children’s Media. The casual nature of the discussions with groups who don’t have ongoing avenues for interaction leads to some amazing thoughts and springboards for further actions.

3/ Research: The Children’s Media Lab participates in and leads research that is relevant to today’s content creators. We collaborate with academics both at Ryerson and around the world, as well as the children’s media industry. In 2018, we led the Canadian data collection of an international content analysis of children’s television, investigating the representation of various demographics such as gender, age, socioeconomic status, body shape, and more.

Partnership with UCLA’s Center for Scholars and Storytellers
The children’s media lab is excited to announce a partnership with the Center for Scholars and Storytellers (CSS), based out of UCLA. With CSS, we are able to further our mission of bridging the research-industry divide by working to provide relevant and understandable research to content creators to encourage the production of quality children’s media. For more information on CSS, see:

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