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At the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship and technology, the Transmedia Zone is an incubator for innovation in storytelling, media and the creative industries.

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For innovators in storytelling, media and the creative industries

The Transmedia Zone is an incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in media and storytelling. With a focus on creative excellence, and emerging platforms, trends and processes, the Transmedia Zone supports exceptional projects that push the boundaries of what exists from students and industry members. We put a priority on collaborative cross-disciplinary work, with teams sharing expertise and experience as they take their, big ideas from concept to prototype to viable ventures. We welcome the dreamers, passionate innovators and adventurers and pride ourselves on our diverse community. You’re home.

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Innovation in Journalism, Documentary & Factual Media

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Innovation in Music & Live Entertainment

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Success Stories


Produced by Cherrydale Productions, All For One ​is a modern retelling of Alexandre Dumas’ ​The Three Musketeers​, with a focus on inclusive and diverse representation, strong female leads, and meaningful audience engagement. ​This critically acclaimed web series generated over 1.4M aggregate views and was an official nominee for the 2016 Streamy Awards as well as NextMedia’s 2016 Digi Awards.

Science Everywhere

Science Everywhere is a group of scientists, communicators and makers. Together they develop and deliver live entertainment based on science in everyday life, not in a lab. They have been working on weekly segments with Daily Planet on the Discovery channel, special appearances on Cityline and recently began a new series with Vice.


Lucid is an experiential media studio that tackles the lack of accessible and non-invasive mental wellness solutions through socially innovative and personalized audiovisual experiences. Its founding team embodies the collaborative and multi-disciplinary ethos of the TMZ: Aaron Labbé was a new media major, Zoe Thomson is a biomedical engineering major, and Gabriella Caira is a professional communications major.


Led by founders Arjun Bali and Jerry Zhang, Sodatone is an analytic platform used to discover artists with high potential for success. The proprietary technology combines different data inputs including streaming, social and touring data as early predictors of success, including fan engagement, and the likelihood of a track or demo going viral.

Hello World! The Transmedia Zone exists so that artists and creators no longer have to think they have to be “starving artists” but instead they can be empowered to be business savvy in a place that is safe to fail and that encourages innovation in the creative industries.

Kate Mckenzie
Staff Member & Former Associate

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